DEFCON5 is an online, browser-based strategy game that is completely FREE to play. Whether playing as an individual or as a member of a Brigade, DEFCON5 is a game of strategy, wit and guile. Amass an army and build your base up, then head to war with tanks, fighter jets, crack infantry units and naval forces. Build scientists and you can become a nuclear power, capable of unleashing a range of missiles on your enemies.

It has always been, and always will be, completely free to play. New to the game? Our community is helpful, informative and enthusiastic about the game, with many veteran players devoting their time to training new players. The game is easy to learn, and played by thousands across the world, but perfection will take you time. The friends you make; the experiences you have; the wars you win and the wars you lose will shape your experience of the game. Whether you're totally new to online turn-based strategy games or an experienced old hand, whether you offer hardcore activity or casual gaming, DEFCON5 can cater for you.

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Due to the outbreak of the corona virus, we've decided to contribute by taking the game online again, since most countries are recommending all people to stay home and aviod crowds for an unforseen future.

However, YOU WILL HAVE TO SIGN UP AGAIN, since all old data has been removed from the databases.

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